Ludum Dare #44

Theme: Your life is currency

I made this game called Crossroads for Ludum Dare #44. I think this is my best game jam entry so far. Sure, the interpretation of the theme might not be the most original, but the gameplay feels smooth and is pretty compelling (IMHO).

This is the second game for which I used RetroKit to create all my art assets. Creating art is still not my strong suit, but I’ve been practicing quite a bit and I think it’s starting to show. It also helps that I’ve been improving RetroKit a lot since my last entry. 🙂

The most important lesson I’ve learned this time around, is that everything should be explained in-game. It’s tempting to just describe controls and mechanics on the description page, due to the lack of time. However, a lot of people don’t really read the description and just start playing. As a result, people might just stop playing and rate your game poorly, simply because they don’t understand how the game is played. So there’s my goal for my next game jam. 😀

Brackeys Game Jam #2

Theme: Love is blind

I didn’t really have time to create a game for this jam, but I had an idea for the theme and it’d been a while since the last time I participated in a jam. So I really wanted to do something for it.

Also, I just finished my first release for RetroKit and I wanted to use this jam as an opportunity to test it. So I decided to create a simple prototype. The sprites, sound effects and music were all created using RetroKit.

Because I didn’t have much time, the result lacks polish and some stuff, like tracking (high) scores, is missing, but all the game mechanics and art assets are there and those are pretty fun, I think. 🙂 And working on it gave me some new ideas for following releases of RetroKit.


Theme: No theme, but limited to 64×64 resolution

This was my first attempt at creating all of my own art assets.

Tools I used for the asset:

I’m pretty satisfied with the art. It’s very basic, but I think it conveys the style I was going for pretty well.

The game mechanics didn’t really turn out the way I hoped though. The goal here was to create a rhythm-based runner. (The rhythm-based part alone was already a bit of hassle. But I’ll save that for another post. 😉 )

The gameplay consists of jumping over mines and aiming at drones to shoot them down to the rhythm of the music. Separately, these mechanics worked pretty well, but put together they become a bit confusing. In retrospect, I should’ve just picked one of them and not both.

So all-in-all it’s a bit of mixed bag. But I did learn a lot about creating my own art and syncing gameplay events to music. It was also where I first got the idea for creating the RetroKit asset. 🙂

Ludum Dare #42

Theme: Running out of space

This is my first ever game jam entry.

After I decided to take game development more seriously, entering game jams seemed like a good place to start.

I sometimes have a problem keeping my game ideas small enough so that I’m actually able to finish them (within a reasonable timeframe). So I decided that my goal was to create a game with mechanics and graphics that were as simple as possible, while still being fun and appealing.

Originally, I planned to submit my game for the Ludum Dare Jam (72 hour challenge), but I finished sooner than expected. Instead of complicating my simple game concept by spending more time on adding more stuff, I decided to spend the time I had left on polishing and then submit it to the Ludum Dare Compo (48 hour challenge) instead. And I even got some sleep! 😉

There’s a couple of bugs and some music would’ve been nice, but I think I accomplished my goal and considering that it was my first game jam attempt, I’m pretty happy with the result. 🙂