Ludum Dare #44

Theme: Your life is currency

I made this game called Crossroads for Ludum Dare #44. I think this is my best game jam entry so far. Sure, the interpretation of the theme might not be the most original, but the gameplay feels smooth and is pretty compelling (IMHO).

This is the second game for which I used RetroKit to create all my art assets. Creating art is still not my strong suit, but I’ve been practicing quite a bit and I think it’s starting to show. It also helps that I’ve been improving RetroKit a lot since my last entry. 🙂

The most important lesson I’ve learned this time around, is that everything should be explained in-game. It’s tempting to just describe controls and mechanics on the description page, due to the lack of time. However, a lot of people don’t really read the description and just start playing. As a result, people might just stop playing and rate your game poorly, simply because they don’t understand how the game is played. So there’s my goal for my next game jam. 😀

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