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RetroKit is a plugin for the Unity Editor. It contains everything you need to create your own unique retro sprites, animations, sound effects and music. And it’s fully integrated with the Unity Editor for a faster workflow.

Early development

Buy RetroKit for a low price, while it’s still in early development!

RetroKit consists of the following tools:

  • A sprite Editor to draw 2D pixel art and quickly create sprite animations and animation sets.
  • A sound Effect Editor to create chiptune style sound effects.
  • A music Composer to create chiptune style music.


  • Sprite editor
  • Animation editor
  • Animation set editor, for easy animation switching in your scripts
  • Visual sound effect editor
  • Visual music editor
  • 6 different 8-bit sounds to choose from: pulse, saw, square, triangle, sine and noise waves
  • Audio player component to easily play your sounds and music
  • Export sound effects and songs to WAV-files
  • Retro Camera component for pixel perfect rendering
  • Live editing: modify your Retro assets while you’re in play mode to see your changes in action instantly!
RetroKit sprite editor
Create your sprites right inside of the Unity editor.
RetroKit sound effect editor
Simply draw the sound effects for your retro games.
RetroKit music composer
Simply draw the patterns for your chiptune music.
Sprite animations
Create your sprite animations and group them together to switch animations easily.


If you want to know more about how RetroKit works, you can checkout the manual here.